The Band

The Solomeo Philharmonic Association’s band came into being thanks to Father Ruggero Margaritoni who, in 1925, taught his pupils the first elements of music.

Our history

Later on Ducci, from the Romagna Region, was appointed the first maestro, followed by Aroldo Pedini, who raised the group’s standard thanks to his gift for arranging music to make the most of the potential of the various elements. One must also remember maestros Piero Vincenti, Eleno Orazi, Roberto Castellani and Enrica Picciafuoco who succeeded one another over time in leading this band.

For two decades, up until 2015, the band was entrusted to maestro Mauro Basiglio, who worked to ensure quality performances and expanded the musical repertoire. Leadership of the band is now entrusted to maestro Francesco Verzieri who lives in Cannara.

The most important events are the Christmas Concert, held at the Cucinelli Theatre, the New Year’s Eve Concert held at the Sala dei Notari in Perugia, and the religious events and processions in neighbouring villages, as well as musical exchanges with bands from other Italian regions and European countries.

Every year, the Solomeo Philharmonic Association organises the “Aroldo Pedini” Band Festival, an event dedicated to knowledge and promotion of music for bands, at which musical groups from various parts of the country perform.

There is no truer truth obtainable by man than that which comes of music.

Robert Browning

The Solomeo Philharmonic Association’s band now consists of about 40 musicians and its repertoire ranges from classical music to jazz and blues.

The Philharmonic’s members, the village of Solomeo and the band all come together at the end of November for a social event on the day dedicated to St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music.