Renaissance Festival

Solomeo Renaissance Festival

Solomeo is located just a short distance from Perugia, in the Municipality of Corciano, along the banks of the Caina creek. It is a traditional hamlet nestled in the green hills of Umbria and has recently been restored to its ancient splendour.

The castle walls, lit with hundreds of torches, are the backdrop for one of the most distinctive events of this region.

Minstrels, jugglers and jesters await you and will invite you to taste traditional Umbrian dishes, served in copious amounts, in their purest form and with great attention to detail by landlords and innkeepers.

The village streets host arts and crafts exhibitions, falconry shows, acrobats, music and great Umbrian cuisine.


Every year since 1979, this traditional event has been showcasing the games, dancing, songs and most diverse forms of art characteristic of local culture, taking visitors on a spellbinding journey into the past.